This Crazy Life

Life is an adventure….so I’ve decided to start a blog.  Beware – I’m new to this and I assume that it will take some getting used to…but that’s okay.  You may be wondering why in the world would a small town girl living in Iowa have anything to blog about.  Well…this small town girl is going to be moving out of her element, out of Iowa, out of the USA and moving to China!!!

About Us

We are a crazy, but fun-loving bunch of people!  Life is never dull at our household, as there always seems to be something going on.  Between home, work, school, trips to the ER (compliments of children of course), and life in general, I’d say we lead pretty normal lives.  Then again we have decided to uproot our family and move around the globe.  We love trying new things, visiting new places, and are always up for a good adventure.  Our motto is Carpe Diem! – cause life is too short not too! 😉