What – A new blog post?!?!?

It probably seems like have fallen off the face of the planet.  It certainly feels that way to me when it comes to blogging.  So much it seems has gotten in my way of getting my thoughts down.  Between teaching English to kindergartners five days a week and suffering from our second major computer malfunction, and life with three kids in general, I’m ashamed that I’m just now paying attention to my blog.

We had a pretty good Christmas and New Year – and I’ve slowly started taking Christmas decorations down.  We had a pretty busy December, Newbie celebrated his first birthday and was finally baptized, my in-laws visited, not to mention partaking in holiday festivities.

Anyhoo,  as it is way past my bedtime, and I am just happy I remembered how to log in,  I’m going to leave you with my New Year’s Resolution to be a better blogger!  So belated Merry Christmas and I hope you have a very wonderful and blessed 2017!

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