Fresh New Start

We are back in China.  We flew back about two weeks ago and this is the first chance I have had to sit down and blog – on my new laptop – so yay!!!!

I have to admit that I was really hoping and planning on blogging this summer.  Unfortunately, Newbie (who goes by Peanut now) got extremely ill – as in we are lucky he is still with us ill.  He managed to contract a bacterial infection from his older brother and that infection moved into his blood stream.  Thankfully he had a fabulous team of doctors and nurses and is fully recovered, but I was not anticipating having sick children for over half of our summer home leave.  Thankfully we are all healthy now!!!!

Anyway,  I must admit, I truly was not looking forward to coming back to China.  After all the trials and head aches last year, I was not feeling up to the challenge of life here.  Not to mention that after a week and a half hospital stay, I was starting to feel like we were just not catching a break.  Did I mention that while I was home in the States with a super sick kiddo, my poor husband was back in China having to move out of, nay getting kicked out of our old apartment for a third water leak.

So now we also have a new apartment, Sis has a new school, and we are starting out with a clean slate.  I must say I really like where we are living now.  We have a full kitchen that actually feels like a kitchen.  The kids each have their own rooms with space to play, and the out door areas are fantastic.  We are on the second story instead of the 22nd – which I like much better as there is a tree right outside our kitchen window – so you look out and no matter what the weather, you see green!

Today we visited Sis’ new school.  I think it will be a fantastic choice for her.  Bear is really wanting to attend school too – so hopefully later this month or next month he will be starting.

As I sit here typing…I feel like everything will be okay and that with these new changes we will have a better year – maybe it’s just the chocolate and night cap talking, but right now, I’m looking up!

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  1. So glad you are getting to a better start! Nothing wrong with a little chocolate and night cap to help with that! 🙂

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