Our computer is toast, as in no more!  Right now I’m borrowing a computer just to give a quick update.  Ever since our computer decided to up and crash, I have not blogged.  Believe me not blogging has caused some major withdrawal, yet in the same breath it has been a little bit nice not being plugged in.

We just got back from vacation in Sanya, China (Hainan province).  Hainan Island is known as the Hawaii of the East due to the vastness of tropical plants and flowers.  All the tropical flowers at our resort were truly amazing.  It was awesome to be lounging by the pool and all of a sudden experiencing a fantastic tropical fragrance as a breeze swept across your face.  And oh, the fresh air was truly wonderful!

Taking a vacation has done wonders for my spirit.  There for a while, I was feeling down – as if there was a heavy force pushing me down.  I think it mostly had to do with trying to obtain a teaching job.  In retrospect, I’m not sure why I struggled so hard with it.  I think God was telling me all along he had different plans for me.  I just did not want to see it.  There has been a lot of good to come out of all the strife.  Lucy will be attending a much better school that will fit her needs.  I think I found an awesome German based kindergarten for Henry to attend next year.  I have also had several other possible work opportunities open up.  I needed to remember how much letting go and letting God is truly freeing. I feel happier now than I have actually been in months.

I have actually started a gratitude log.  I’ve had people tell me for years how wonderful it is to write down three positive things about your day.  Previously I always thought the idea was great, I just never gave it enough time or energy.  That all changed with a gift I received for Mother’s Day.  My lovely friend, Cami, gave me a little Mother’s Day bag with some chocolate and a key ring loaded with blank cards on it.  Cami’s thoughtfulness made my day – it made me smile.  In wanting to capture the feeling, I decided to write down the positives of the day and Cami gave me the perfect place to do it.  I can carry my gratitude log with me, it is actually quite small and now I don’t have to worry about a journal here, a piece of paper there, etc.  I have started ending my night writing down three things I am most grateful for each day.  I have even noticed that I am starting to look for good things that occur throughout my day that I might not have noticed before.  It helps when life can seem so difficult to look back and see that there were actually good things that happened today.

Lastly,  I will be resuming the blog after we arrive home this summer, as we will not have a replacement computer until then.  Don’t worry, I have saved some pretty good posts and some pretty awesome pictures to share!  24 days until we set foot on US soil, but hey we aren’t counting or anything 😉  TTFN!

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