Clearing my head!

I should be getting to bed, but my head is awake.  Awake and thinking.  So I figure if I type and get my thoughts out of my head and onto digital paper I will be able to go to sleep.

JD and I finally booked a trip to get out of Teda for a week.  This may not seem like a big deal but believe me – after living here so long, one needs a break.  Julie always tells me that the best advice she ever received was from a previous expat who told here that you need to try to escape here every three months for your sanity.  I believe every word of that statement.  Between smog, general stresses and confined city living – where it is hard to even go on a simple walk, you need to escape and refresh.  We have been promising the kids a beach vacation for a while and in may we are going to go to Sonya – the Hawaii of China.  We actually thought about stopping in Hawaii on our return trip to the states, but after seeing it would mean two bad days of travel instead of just one, we opted to just fly home.  I think this is for the better for the kids too.  I cannot tell you how excited I will be to see the Midwest again!

My kids have been asking to go to a beach for a while.  Bryan jokingly told me the kids are young enough that we could just take them to the Teda beach and they would not know the difference.  (insert smile and wink) Thanks but no thanks – Teda is a port town and just let me say there is a reason we do not eat the local sea food here.  You just don’t know what has been leaked or poured into the water.    Anyway, there are sand pit areas at school and every time we walk by both kids want to build a sand castle and ask when can they get to a real beach to do so.  And after these past few months a week on the beach sounds amazing.

I’m in the middle of trying to nail down a teaching job.  I think this is probably what has been weighing on my mind the most.  When we toured Teda International School back in March on our exploratory trip over here, I wanted to know more about how they got teachers to even come to Teda.  So it was soon discovered that I am a certified teacher.  The next day while we were touring apartments, I got called in for an informal interview (even though I really wasn’t looking for a job).

When we arrived home from our trip, I sort of mauled the idea around in my mind, but soon found out I was pregnant with Newbie and soon put the idea of teaching out of my mind.  Then there have been a few times when I was dropping Sis off at school that the principal sought me out to ask if I would be interested in teaching.  I stayed at home with both Sis and Bear and I guess I thought it was just a given that I would stay home with Newbie as well.  This was all before our new Ayi came into our lives.  Ayi is amazing with my kids and I trust her completely with my kids.  She has fun with them but also knows when to put her foot down and discipline them.  I trust her with watching Newbie during the day while I’m at school – where my older two kiddos will be.

All that is left is to work out my teaching contract which I hope will go smoothly, fingers crossed!


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