Life’s complications X5

This is what JD and I have decided that living in China is:  It is taking something that is normally not very complicated at all or something that may be a minor hick up and you proceed to amplify it five times and that is what it is like living in China.  Because lets face it nothing is ever simple here.  Remember busted water pipes that were plastic and buried in cement between our floor and the ceiling below us (which equaled a three week stint at a hotel)?  Lately it seems like it has been one thing after another and we cannot catch a break.  For instance, our key cards are currently not working to get into our apartment or the fact that the back elevator was not working this morning.  So you could go down the front elevator but not back up as you can only get back up with a key card.  We are on the 22nd floor and at this stage in the game I’m not about to climb 22 flights of stairs.

Today was supposed to be the day we got our shipment.  It was supposed to be delivered at 9:00 this morning.  So as 10:00 rolls around, a representative from the moving company comes to our door telling us that it will be 11:00 am before we get it because the fuel lines in the truck froze due to cold weather.  Okay fine – 2 hours delayed now.  Then 11:00 rolls around and they have now fixed the fuel lines but still no shipment because they have to take the newly fixed truck and pick up our shipment from the port and there is a traffic jam.  Now our said shipment should be here by 2:00 pm (if it does arrive today – I’m starting to have my doubts!)…

I just got a text from Sis’ teacher that they will be taking the kids outside to play in the snow.  Snow by the way is very rare here – so when there is an inch of snow, other parents want their children to go out at recess and play in it!  Parent of the year award is headed my way (oh how I wish there was a font for sarcasm) as my poor child does not have gloves, the pair of mittens I did buy her are in my purse and she has no boots.  Have I mentioned that all of our winter clothes and gear is in our shipment?

…Thankfully our shipment did arrive by 1:45 and oh the chaos that did ensue.  An itty bitty Chinese girl named Shirley knocks on our back door and hands us a sheet full of numbers.  She then proceeds to tell us that there were 113 items/boxes on our shipment and tells me to start marking the boxes down as she calls off the numbers.  Hmmm…okay.  So then she wants to know which room each box goes in in which we explain that that is not happening as Bear just got down from a nap and no one is taking any boxes down the hall.  There is a reason we call him Bear and everyone knows that you let a sleeping bear lie.  We convince the workers to start piling boxes in the living room.  Part way through the delivery the movers decide that it is time to get some of the boxes out of the way by unpacking them.  Please note these movers have been downstairs waiting for the shipment since 10:00 am.  They want to get in and out (which I get).  So now I have four Chinese men going through all of my things and half the time they do not even ask where something belongs – they just take it to whatever room or space they feel like and place it in a pile.  I’m trying to make heads and tails out of everything and before I know it more boxes arrive and the process repeats itself.  Two and a half hours later our apartment looks like a tornado deposited our shipment and now that Bear is awake and Sis is home from school the chaos continues.  I forgot to mention that the back elevator that has worked part of the time as decided to no longer work so now I have movers waiting by the back door as well as moving items in the front.  Oh, and the movers that packed us seemed to have done a less than stellar job as diapers were placed in hanging wardrobe boxes – instead of clothing, which were placed in horizontal wardrobes.  This has left suits, dresses, coats, and many other articles of clothing completely crushed.  Much of my sewing items that were packed in neat bags by yours truly was randomly dumped out of their bags and into boxes. Grrr!

So with everything out of it’s box, the movers are ready to leave but as I’ve been keeping track of the numbered boxes, I note that one box is missing.  No one is leaving until that box is accounted for – according to Shirley.  Shirley is asking us what is in said box based on what is written down on her clip board:  Holiday crafts.  Before I know it, there are two Chinese people arguing about said box in the middle of my living room (Shirley and one of the movers).  I glance at JD, give him a ‘hell if I know look’ and shrug my shoulders.  There is no way I remember what is missing and considering that my household is now a chaotic mess, it will be a while before I figure it out.  We have not seen this stuff in months – there is no telling what is there and what is not.  So now, the movers are going through boxes they have already broken down on a hunt for the missing one.  Unbeknownst to anyone, one of the boxes was accidentally numbered twice.  It only took them half an hour to find this out!

I can only imagine what Ayi Jo is going to think tomorrow morning when she walks into the spotless apartment she left yesterday.  This place is still a wreck!  I should actually be putting stuff away and not blogging.  However the kids are in bed and I need a break.  Alas…I must get back to work as I’m bone tired and want to go to bed.  Right now the only way to get in my bed is to move all the crap, I mean put all the things on my bed away.  Oh what a day!!!!!!

P.S. too tired to take any pictures…maybe tomorrow – or better yet when the apartment is all put together!

4 thoughts on “Life’s complications X5”

  1. Oh geez! I think I would have just asked them NOT to unpack. However I am not sure what would have been easier…. to have them unpack or try to unpack all of the boxes while massively pregnant?! Good luck!!

    1. They really did not give us a choice – they wanted to take the boxes away. We found out after the movers had already gone that we could have scheduled a box pick up at a later date. I just wish we had known that before hand!!!!! Oh’well!

  2. So glad you got your shipment, but that does sound like a crazy mess. Hope all of the putting away goes smoothly. Just remember to take lots of breaks.

    Back here in the QC we got an average of about 9 inches over the weekend. Luckily it is melting pretty quickly. Not sure if you will celebrate Thanksgiving, but Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! We will be going out and having a proper Thanksgiving meal Friday evening. Other wise it is just another normal day for us here! Lucy is excited as they will be serving Thanksgiving food for lunch tomorrow!

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